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Bandcamp releases

We are pleased to offer many new and exclusive downloads available for the first time on Bandcamp. Included in this download collection are digital versions of physical releases which have sold out, live tracks never before available and other goodies. This set contains exclusive recordings from Spire live events with Marcus Davidson, Fennesz, Hildur Gudnadottir, Philip Jeck, Charles Matthews, BJNilsen, Jana Winderen and the BJNilsen and tenor John Beaumont collaboration, Black Death.
Sold out albums include Oren Ambarchi’s Insulation, Suspension and Grapes from the Estate, and Fennesz’s Field Recordings 1995:2002… and some surprises in there too… others will be added in due course!
There is a nice price introductory offer until 2015…
Oren Ambarchi –
Fennesz –
(Fennesz also has his own page with “Mahler Remixed”
Hildur Gudnadottir –
Philip Jeck –
Life Everlasting, Amen –
BJNilsen –
Sohrab –
Spire –
Jana Winderen –
Highlights in this collection include exclusive tracks which have never been made available before:
Fennesz – “Mahler Remixed”
Hildur Gudnadottir live in Berlin (Spire)
Philip Jeck live in London (Spire)
BJNilsen live and compilation tracks
Sohrab – Aamookhtan Baraye Zistan
Burkhard Stangl live in Mautern (Spire)
Jana Winderen live in Berlin (Spire)
In the coming months we will be adding to this archive, so it is recommended that you check back regularly…

Touch Radio 107 | Audialsense

1.12.14 – Audialsense – Industrial Revolutions – 19:02 – 320 kbps

In May 2014, we were lucky enough to have direct access to the great machines of the industrial revolution on display in London’s Science Museum; the Mill Engine, by the Burnley Ironworks company, 1903, the Difference Engine No2, by Charles Babbage 1849.
Sound has been integral in the relationship of the machines and their operators; used as a primary diagnostic tool, the ‘sound’ of various operating components reveal the machines state of well being. Operators listened to the ‘song’ of their engines, gaining insight in to particular problems, and clues to required maintenance.
Using accelerometers fixed to the steelwork of the engines, we could extract this world of sound; escaping steam, muscular pistons, popping and crackling valves … rhythmic and stuttering, sensitive and forthright… the ‘man made’ qualities of the engineering being exposed in the recordings.
Track 01. Mill Engine: A series of recordings of various parts of the engine.
Track 02. Difference Engine: A complete recording of a calculation cycle, this one being the polynomial equation;
Y= 41+ 4X + 7X2 + X3 + 5X4 + 9X5 + 2X6 + 8X7
All recordings are exclusive.
Audialsense would like to thank Aleksander Kolkowski and the conservators of the Science Museum.
Photography: Asako Bavister
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