About early cassette culture

Between 1982 and 1989, Touch released a series of cassettes [as well as vinyl, and from 1987, compact discs] which are highlighted in this section. The cassette magazines, Feature Mist [Touch T1, 1982], Meridians One and Meridians Two [Touch T2 and T3, 1983], Touch Travel [Touch T4, 1984] and Ritual: Magnetic North [Touch T5, 1986]; a series in the style of what became known as "World Music" [Touch # T33 to T33.9]; and the beginnings of solo or group ventures [TO:1, TO:2, TO:4 and TO:7, and TOC:1 and TOC:2].

The front covers and details of other print, audio content and liner notes are presented as they appeared on the original productions. In future we will be rolling out pages detailing printed matter, posters, vinyl and other items which were released in the 1980s.

Fergus Kelly has written a blog about his experiences relating to this early period which can be read here. He has also reproduced many of the prints which appeared in these early editions.

Audio will be added over time to some of the titles, with kind permission of the artists.

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