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Tagged as UK's "most enduring independent music company of its time", Touch established itself as one of the leading labels offering challenging new experimental electronic music. Starting in 1982 with cassette magazines it went on breaking the boundaries of electronic music composition, opening the doors to artists such as Christian Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda, Biosphere, Oren Ambarchi and sound architects like Chris Watson or minimalist compositions lead by Phill Niblock. Now, the Balham-based label has decided to celebrate its 25th locally at The Bedford with the "cream" of its current artists. Headlining the event will be Mr Fennesz himself with his computer processing of electric guitar. Philip Jeck in contrast combines ancient record players and worn, scratched vinyl to take the turntable beyond its spectrum. New Zealand's Rosy Parlane -- previously of avant-rock formation Thela with two albums on Ecstatic Peace! which also included Dean Roberts -- will make a rare London appearance showing the abstract electronic side of Touch's catalogue. Finally, Swedish sound artist and musician Carl Michael von Hausswolff will perform his studio-based sound research after his recent performance at the ICA as part of Cut And Splice 2006. Topping the entire evening will be a DJ set by new signing Jacob Kirkegaard focused on meticulous sound recordings. No hesitation.

NB: this event will sell out so buy your tickets now.

Photos by Sheikh Ahmed can be seen here and by Scott McMillan here