... cooked up by Hildur Ingveldardottir Gudnadottir for the Touch Recipe Book

Drone Bread (Sourdough Rye Bread)

This is a very simple but time consuming recipe. you do not have to "keep the starter alive" in your fridge, like with many other sourdough recipes.

1/2 l rye flour
1/2 l water

step 1.
mix the flour and water and let the "porridge" stand in a bowl with a plate on top in room temperature for 36 hours. after that time there should be a sour smell sneaking out from the bowl (don´t worry it´s not that bad!). this "porridge" is the "starter" of the bread and will lift the bread.

1 1/2 l rye flour
1/2 l water
a little bit of salt

step 2.
mix the rest of the rye, salt and water to the porridge and knead it with everything you´ve got (the dough is pretty massive). the dough also has a tendency to be a bit wet so it´s good to have extra rye on the side to spill over the dough.

step 3.
split the dough into 2 parts and place in 2 buttersmeared bread pans.
let the bread rise for 5 - 6 hours.

step 4.
heat the oven at 175°C

step 5.
bake the bread for 2 hours, but take the bread out of the pans for the last 15 mins so it will be well baked on the sides aswell.

step 6.
let the bread stand for a while before you attack it with a knife (preferrably 24 hours - but i can never wait that long myself....) the bread will be a bit wet in middle for the first day or so, but don´t panic - that is very normal. unlike many a bread this one gets better as it´s gets older. i recommend toasting it and putting some dijon mustard and cheese ontop.

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