Touch Newsletter #168

Welcome to Touch Newsletter #168. Lightning In A Twilight Hour is the new project from Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, Trembling Blue Stars) with Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Trembling Blue Stars) and Michael Hiscock (The Field Mice). Their fourth release, “Quiet Actions”, is a cassette in an edition of 100 copies.

Due to popular demand, The Tapeworm has produced second editions of two recent tapes – Jay Glass Dubs’ “Dislocated Folklore” and new edition of Rishaug Marhaug’s “Corneal Clouds”. On sale now.

A new Touch Radio is now broadcasting – Bill Thompson’s “Live at the Brunswick Club, Bristol, June 19th 2017”. Further details below.

On Friday 30th June, Oren Ambarchi plays in duo with Crys Cole at Cafe OTO. Further details and tickets –

TTW#96 | Lightning In A Twilight Hour “Quiet Actions”

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Illustration – SavX

Track List
A: Abandoned Islands
B: Suspended Animation

Lightning In A Twilight Hour is the new project from Bobby Wratten (The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library, Trembling Blue Stars) with Beth Arzy (The Luxembourg Signal, Trembling Blue Stars) and Michael Hiscock (The Field Mice).

For their fourth release, Bobby is joined by Anne Mari Barker-Davies (The Field Mice, Northern Picture Library) on vocals, and regular producer Ian Catt. “Quiet Actions” is a cassette only edition of 100 copies.

It features two brand new long-form compositions: “Abandoned Islands”, whereby a repeating series of simple phrases relies on increased effects to achieve the movement within the piece, and “Suspended Animation” featuring the afore-mentioned Barker-Davies and a close mic-ed portable cassette player providing a subtle rhythm, a nod to the intended format.

Both recordings were made in late February 2017 and both feature field recordings made in Liverpool in April 2016.

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Touch Radio 131 | Bill Thompson

28.06.17 - Bill Thompson – Live at the Brunswick Club, Bristol, June 19th 2017 - 31:37 – 320 kbps

This is a two channel recording of a live solo performance using the Moog guitar plus stuff. The set was improvised and only the second time I’d performed solo with the Moog (the first being the night before in Swansea). The gig was at the Brunswick Club in Bristol which houses several arts groups including BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film) who, via sound and video artist Kathy Hinde, had invited me to perform. When I arrived in Bristol and gave the taxi driver the address, he told me that the Brunswick Club was closed down, and even if it wasn’t, he doubted I’d be performing there. Apparently it used to be a Working Man’s Club frequented by taxi drivers. Not any more.

Equipment: Moog Guitar, ebow, shortwave radio, tone generator, guitar pedals (reverb, delay, distortion and fuzz factory), plasma and bicycle lights, a child’s light wand, two vibrators, portable CD player (unplugged), modified fans, mixer, and miscelaneous debris.

Recorded by Kathy Hinde.

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TTW#92 | Jay Glass Dubs “Dislocated Folklore”

Cassette only – second edition of 100 copies.
Illustration – SavX

Track List
A: Dislocated Dub – 29m57s
B: Folklore Dub – 30m26s

A second edition of the recent Jay Glass Dubs tape, in a black shell.

Dislocated Folklore, recorded especially for The Tapeworm, consists of two 30 minute long tracks that incorporate mainly stretched-out 0‘03” sample recordings of 90s Ragga 12” single intros combined with and recordings of a Quran recitation from a Turkish TV channel and Jay Glass Dubs’ signature hybrid hardware/software set-up.

The title refers to (and therefore is an intended pun of) the misinterpretation of “otherism” “orientalism”, “exoticism”, etc… – phrases often used over the past 100 years to describe a tendency of metropolitan musicologists to intellectualise forms of expression that have a very strong relation to roots, religion and ethics.

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TTW#94 | Rishaug Marhaug “Corneal Clouds”

Cassette only – second edition of 50 copies.
Illustration – SavX

Track List
A1: Seeing Eye Dog
A2: Subjective Refraction Error
B1: Gentle But Willing
B2: Dogs for the Blind

A second edition of the recent Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Marhaug tape, with black shell.

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TO:47 | Chris Watson “Weather Report”

CD - 54:02 - 3 Tracks
Artwork: Jon Wozencroft

Track list:
1. Ol-Oolo-lo
2. The Lapaich
3. Vatnajökull

"The weather has created and shaped all our habitats. Clearly it also has a profound and dynamic effect upon our lives and that of other animals. The three locations featured here all have moods and characters which are made tangible by the elements, and these periodic events are represented within by a form of time compression.

This is Chris's first foray into composition using his location recordings of wildlife and habitats - previously he has been concerned with describing and revealing the special atmosphere of a place by site specific, untreated location recordings. For the first time here he constructs collages of sounds, which evolve from a series of recordings made at the specific locations over varying periods of time.

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TO:42 | Chris Watson “El Tren Fantasma”

CD album - 10 tracks - 65 minutes

Artwork: Jon Wozencroft
CD mastered by Denis Blackham
12" cut by Jason @ Transition

Track list:
01: La Anunciante
02: Los Mochis
03: Sierra Tarahumara
04: El Divisadero
05: Crucero La Joya
06: Chihuahua
07: Aguascalientes
08: Mexico D.F.
09: El Tajin; El dia y La noche
10: Veracruz

"Take the ghost train from Los Mochis to Veracruz and travel cross country, coast to coast, Pacific to Atlantic. Ride the rhythm of the rails on board the Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico (FNM) and the music of a journey that has now passed into history."

El Tren Fantasma, (The Ghost Train), is Chris Watson's 4th solo album for Touch, and his first since Weather Report in 2003, which was named as one of the albums you should hear before you die in The Guardian. A Radio programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 30 Oct, 2010, produced by Sarah Blunt, and described as "a thrilling acoustic journey across the heart of Mexico from Pacific to Atlantic coast using archive recordings to recreate a rail passenger service which no longer exists. It's now more than a decade since FNM operated its last continuous passenger service across country. Chris Watson spent a month on board the train with some of the last passengers to travel this route. As sound recordist he was part of the film crew working on a programme in the BBC TV series Great Railways Journeys. Now, in this album, the journey of the ;ghost train' is recreated, evoking memories of a recent past, capturing the atmosphere, rhythms and sounds of human life, wildlife and the journey itself along the tracks of one of Mexico's greatest engineering projects.

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Tone 51 | Thomas Köner & Jana Winderen “Cloître”

CD – 1 track – 44:24

Remastered by Thomas Köner
Photography & design by Jon Wozencroft

Track list
1. Cloître

Recorded live from the cloisters at Evreux Cathedral, Normandy, France by Franck Dubois, 14th June 2014, as part of L’Ateliers. With thanks to Denis Boyer.

Buy Thomas Köner & Jana Winderen “Cloître” on Bandcamp

Guerrilla Audio

Guerrilla Audio is a new series of audio raids by Simon Fisher Turner.

noun: guerilla
a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting, typically against larger regular forces.

Each audio edit will be posted for 14 days and then removed from the site, although the information about each guerrilla activity will be archived, but without the audio. There will be two postings per month with the first (also featuring Klara Lewis & Rainier Lericolais) on 1st August 2015, so please check in regularly to listen to the latest offering.

Guerrilla Audio

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