Anna von Hausswolff - Kallan (Prototype) Locked Groove

We are compiling a database of recordings of the locked groove of the LP Anna von Hausswolff "Källan (Prototype)" at the end of side a of this release, whereby you can upload your recording and listen to all the submissions. Instructions for when you receive your copy…:

Please record 60 seconds (no more) of the locked groove at the end of side a whilst it is playing on your record player. Name the file with your name like this – YourName.mp3 and upload via ftp here:

ftp address:
username: f13f43
password: Dudx0iHH

…and email Touch with your record player information like this:
"recorded on an iPhone 5 from a test pressing played on a Vestax BDT-2500 belt driven turntable"

Thank you! Please note there are no rights to these recordings and anyone can gain access to them by logging in and downloading, so if you don't want anyone to have them, don't upload them!

Anna von Hausswolff locked groove recordings:

Click here to listen to the uploads.

Test Pressing - recorded on an iPhone 5 from a test pressing played on a Vestax BDT-2500 belt driven turntable

Johan Steller - Recorded on a Macbook Pro with Amadeus (line-in) from my copy played on a Linn Axis belt driven turntable, cartridge Joe Grado RED

Sovan Hak - recorded on a Yamaha PocketTrak C24 from my copy played on a JBSystems Q1USB belt-driven turntable

Andy Nicolson - recorded from a Technics SL 1210 through a Stanton DJ mixer and RME Fireface 400 into a Mac Pro

Anders Nydam - Recorded from a Technics SL-BD22 through a Small Stone V2 (Russian) in to an Analog Four and into a Zoom H4 line in

Anders Olofson - Recorded on a Zoom H4n from my copy of the record played on a Numark pt-01 USB out in a room with open windows

Frank Jankowski - Recorded on a Zoom H4n from my copy played on a Pro-ject Debut III belt-driven turntable

Achim Mohné - Recorded on a Tascam DR 40 - played on a Thorens TD 160 MK 2 turntable equipped with a needle/paper funnel instead of a pick up arm - no further electroacoustic amplification

Ken Chin - Recorded with Xitel Inport software via usb from a Sony PS LX250H belt drive turntable

Peter Harries - recorded using Audacity, playing on a Pink Rega Planar 3

Hans van Wijk - Recorded on an iPhone 4S, played on a Clearaudio Concept turntable

Joe Salas - recorded on an iphone 5 on a Technics SL-1200MK2

Jana Winderen - Recorded on a Sound Devices 477T with 2 coils, and an Ultrasound detector from the vinyl record which was played on a Numark TT turntable without speakers

DJ Damon Creed - Recorded on iPhone 5 standing in my front yard somewhere in North Seattle. Playback chain: Rega P3 turntable—>Rotel phono amp—>Rotel integrated amp—>Arcam power amp—> B&W satellite speakers / Definitive Technologies subwoofer—>open door—>front yard

Beck - Recorded Beck.mp3 in Seattle using Audio-Technica direct drive turntable with an USB output to Win8 PC running Audacity. Converted 96K sample to LAME mp3 file

Hagen Bachmann - recorded on a MacBook with AudioHijack Pro(line in) with Omnitronic DD-2220 Turntable through a Sony Str-DE515 Amp

Mich Leemans - Logic X > Motu UltraLite MK3 > Yamaha CA-1000 II > Technics SL-1200MK2 > Denon DL-110 phono cartridge

Thierry Charollais - Recorded on a Pioneer PL-990 turntable with an Edirol R09HR. 6 samples sources of the locked groove + 3 vynil loops modified with Ableton Live 9 effects. Re-recorded and mixed with Adobe Audition 9

Other contributions:

Sheila Currie writes:

"Thanks for the von Hausswolff locked groove samples… I played them all one on top of each other… and as each one finished, I started it again, so creating an endless loop of locked grooves, each one as in or out of step depending on precise timing of when I press start on each sample… now if I recorded that, and played THAT on top of itself… and then recorded that… ad infinitum. I know it’s all phased loops and so 1960s, but it still hits the spot…"

Tim Mahony - Project Debut Carbon turntable > Carver pre-amp > dynaco power amp > Richter Speakers > AT2020 Condenser mic > mixing board > Malekko Tremelo/Malekko Diabolik/Malekko ID600 (I really like their pedals...) > MOTU Ultralite > Macbook Pro > Reaper (mono track)

Photo: Achim Mohné

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