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Landscape & Perception on BBC iPlayer

Paul Devereux and Jon Wozencroft, supported by the Royal College of Art, have since 2007 been researching sensory ways of perceiving landscape. The project, named Landscape & Perception, has focussed primarily on the Carn Menyn ridge in the Preseli Hills of South-West Wales and environs.

The source of the Stonehenge bluestones is widely accepted to be the Preseli Hills, a heritage site seldom studied but rich in sonic phenomena, notably the lithophones that litter Carn Menyn, the main rocky outcrop on the Preseli range.

A central premise of the Landscape & Perception project is to question the hierarchy between vision and sound in the building of prehistoric monuments, in particular the sacred sites of Avebury and Stonehenge, whose acoustic dimensions have never been properly assessed.

The BBC’s Inside Out South programme joined Devereux and Wozencroft first in Wales and then at Stonehenge, to report on their research and witness the sounding of the bluestones. You can watch the 10 minute package for the next week on the BBC iPlayer (UK only).
Watch on the BBC iPlayer

Touch Radio 102 | Howlround

7.03.14 - Brighthelm - 17:47 - 320 kbps

Howlround are the duo of Robin The Fog and Chris Weaver who create recordings and performances entirely from manipulating natural acoustic sounds on a quartet of vintage reel-to-reel tape machines - with additional reverb or electronic effects strictly forbidden. This recording documents their first ever live performance at the Brighthelm Centre as part of the Resonance FM stage at the Great Escape Festival, Brighton, 18th May 2013. It was the first time these delicate, bulky, unpredictable machines had ever left the studio - a complete step into the unknown - and therefore something of an occasion. This recording is presented without edits or overdubs, just the sound of four machines, two people and a huge tangle of quarter-inch tape, looping and snarling precariously around the venue.

Photo: Larry Gale

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Today in Touch history...

First contact with New Order after their concert at the Newcastle Mayfair on 11th March 1982…

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Anna von Hausswolff - Kallan (Prototype) Locked Groove

We are compiling a database of recordings of the locked groove of the LP Anna von Hausswolff "Källan (Prototype)" at the end of side a of this release, whereby you can upload your recording and listen to all the submissions. Instructions for when you receive your copy…:

Please record 60 seconds (no more) of the locked groove at the end of side a whilst it is playing on your record player. Name the file with your name like this – YourName.mp3 and upload via ftp here:

ftp address:
username: f13f43
password: Dudx0iHH

…and email Touch with your record player information like this:
"recorded on an iPhone 5 from a test pressing played on a Vestax BDT-2500 belt driven turntable"

Thank you! Please note there are no rights to these recordings and anyone can gain access to them by logging in and downloading, so if you don't want anyone to have them, don't upload them!

Anna von Hausswolff locked groove recordings:

Click here to listen to the uploads.

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