Mark Van Hoen

Mark Van Hoen (born September 1966, Croydon, London, England) is an English electronic music artist. He has created music under his own name as well as Locust, and Autocreation. Pitchfork said, “Musically, Van Hoen belongs to a distinguished family tree. Originally influenced by the likes of Brian Eno and Tangerine Dream, and later presaging both Autechre’s glitch and Boards of Canada’s pastoral IDM, with his latest album Van Hoen would fit in just as well alongside White Rainbow or Atlas Sound on a current label like Kranky: He combines oceanic drone with pop lyricism, using technology as a catalyst.”

In 1993, Van Hoen signed with the Belgian-based record label, R&S. The initial releases were as Locust and used vintage analogue synthesizers and tape recorders. As the Locust sound moved towards an increasingly more vocal oriented approach in the late 1990s, Van Hoen also began to release music under his own name.

In October 2013, Black Hearted Brother, Van Hoen’s collaboration with Neil Halstead, released their debut album, Stars Are Our Home.

His latest album, Invisible Threads, was released by Touch in 2018.