Ipek Gorgun

Born and raised in Ankara, Turkey, Ipek Gorgun is an electronic music composer currently enrolled in the doctoral program of sonic arts at Istanbul technical university’s center for advanced studies in music.

After graduating from Bilkent University with a degree in political science, she completed her master’s studies in philosophy at Galatasaray University with her dissertation in entitled “le Silence de l’Etre-avec et de l’Etre-Seul dans Etre et Temps de Heidegger” (the silence of being-alone and being-together in heidegger’s being and time).

As one of the participants of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2014, she performed in Tokyo as an opening artist for Ryoji Ikeda’s “test pattern no: 6” and joined otomo yoshidide for a collective improvisation project.

​As a bass player and vocalist for projects and bands such as bedroomdrunk and vector hugo, she also performed in an opening gig for Jennifer Finch from L7 and Simon Scott from Slowdive, as well as performing live with David Brown from Brazzaville. she has released two EPs with Bedroomdrunk, entitled “This is What Happened (2003)” and “Raw (2007)”.

Besides group projects and solo performances, she also composed the soundtrack for the documentary ‘Yok Anasinin Soyadi (mrs. his name) directed by Hande Cayir in 2012, portraying turkish women’s struggle for keeping their original surnames after marriage.

Ipek gorgun also practices performance, street and abstract photography. she won the IPA honorable mention award in 2013-14 with her work entitled “Bubblegun Daydreamer” and in 2013, she worked as the advertisement photographer for contemporary istanbul art fair.

​Her debut album Aphelion was self-released in February, 2016 and was reissued by Touch in December of that year, under the download-only TOUCHLINE catalogue. Her forthcoming solo album, ECCE HOMO was released on Touch on 7th September 2018.