Editions by release date


TO:117V Jacaszek – ‘Gardenia’
TO:124 Richard Chartier – ‘On Leaving’
TO:5320S Fennesz – ‘Sognato di Domani’
RGB02 Fennesz + Wozencroft – ‘Liquid Music ll’


TO:121 Claire M Singer – ‘Saor’
T33.22 Youmna Saba – ‘Wishah وِشاح’
Tone 78 Jana Winderen – ‘The Blue Beyond’
Tone 83 Philip Jeck & Chris Watson – ‘Oxmardyke’
TO:123 Bana Haffar – ‘Intimaa’
Tone 80 OZMOTIC | FENNESZ – ‘Senzatempo’
TO:122 Travelogue – ‘Bali’
Spire 10 Ted Reichman – ‘Orgelwerke’


T33.21 Anthony Moore – ‘CSound & Saz’
Tone 82D Philip Jeck – ‘Resistenza’
Tone 81D Patrick Shiroishi – ‘Evergreen’
TO:119 CLEARED – ‘Of Endless Light’
TO:109 Phill Niblock – ‘Working Touch’


T33.9D Behzad – ‘Myth’
V33.50 Various Artists – ‘Touch: Displacing’
Tone 32V Fennesz Sakamoto – ‘Cendre’
TO:118 Travelogue – ‘Nepal’
Tone 79 Faith Coloccia & amp; Philip Jeck – ‘Stardust’
TO:1D Simon Tassano & Eddy Sayer – ‘Waterglass’
TouchLine 10 CLEARED – ‘Breathing Ring’


TO:121VS Claire M Singer – ‘Forrig’
V33.50 Various Artists – ‘Touch: Displacing’
TO:117 Jacaszek – ‘Gardenia’
TO:116 Cleared – ‘The Key’
Spire 7.1 The Eternal Chord – ‘Mutatis Mutandis’
Tone 76 Budhaditya Chattopadhyay – ‘The Well-tempered City Book l’
Tone 70 Simon Scott – ‘Migrations’
V33.40 Various Artists – ‘Touch: Isolation’
TO:6D Strafe Für Rebellion – ‘Santa Maria’
Tone 65 Jana Winderen – ‘Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone’
TO:114V ELEH – ‘Living Space’
V33.30 Fennesz/Rosy Parlane – ‘Live 2000’


V33.20 Simon Scott – ‘Emergency Exit’
Tone 68 Strafe F.R. – ‘Shadow Position’
CODEX 2 Joséphine Michel & Mika Vainio – ‘The Heat Equation’
TO:114 ELEH – ‘Living Space’
V33.10 Jana Winderen – ‘Pavikdalen’
TO:111V Claire M Singer – ‘Trian’
Spire 8 Charles Matthews – ‘Live at Chichester Cathedral’
Tone 74 Daniel Menche – ‘Transformer: Live at Iklectik 220619’
Tone 71 Bana Haffar – ‘Genera; Live at AB Salon, Brussels’
T33.11v Various Artists – ‘There Where the Avalanche Stops’
Tone 72 Scott | Paul | Skeen – ‘Touch Live in California 2019’
Tone 73 Chris Watson – ‘Glastonbury Ocean Soundscape’
TO:115c Fennesz – ‘Live at The Jazz Cafe’
TO:113 UnicaZürn – ‘Sensudestricto’
Tone 67 Zachary Paul – ‘A Meditation on Discord’
TO:115 Fennesz – ‘Agora’
TO:112 Simon Scott – ‘Soundings’
Tone 66 Anthony Moore – ‘Arithmetic in the Dark’


TO:108 Howlround – ‘The Debatable Lands’
Tone 64D – Simon Scott ‘Grace’
TO:106 – Ipek Gorgun – ‘ECCE HOMO’
TO:107 – OZMOTIC ‘Elusive Balance’
Tone 63D – Zachary Paul & Patrick Shiroishi ‘Longitude: Live at Roughage’
Tone 62D – Philip Jeck ‘Arcade’
Tone 61D – Fennesz ‘Station One’
TO:110 – Strafe F.R. ‘The Bird Was Stolen’
TO:104 – Mark Van Hoen ‘Invisible Threads’
Spire 7 – The Eternal Chord ‘Semper Liber’
Tone 60 – Touch Presents… ‘Live at Human Resources’
TO:105 – Yann Novak ‘The Future is a Forward Escape into the Past’


FOLIO 002 – Various Artists/Jon Wozencroft ‘Touch Movements’
TO:103 – Carl Michael von Hausswolff ‘Still Life – Requiem’
Tone 59 – Claire M Singer ‘Fairge’
Tone 58 – Philip Jeck ‘Iklectik’
Tone 51 – Thomas Köner & Jana Winderen ‘Cloître’
Tone 56 – Robert Crouch ‘Sublunar’
Tone 57 – UnicaZürn ‘Transpandorem’


Exhibition of Jon Wozencroft’s cover photographs at Aeterna, Los Angeles. Touch Conference tours west coast of USA and first album’s for Touch by Simon Scott and Claire M Singer.

TouchLine 9 – Ipek Gorgun – “Aphelion”
Tone 55 – Yann Novak “Ornamentation”
TouchLine 8 – Gravitas – “a frequency crescendo in 11 movements”
TO:102 – Lustmord “Dark Matter”
Tone 54 – Bethan Kellough “Aven”
TO:101 – Claire M Singer “Solas”
Tone 53 – Simon Scott “Floodlines”
TouchLine 7 – Jez riley French “Portable Music”
TouchLine 6 – Iain Chambers “Bascule Chamber Concert”
Tone 52V – Fennesz “Mahler Remix”


First release of the TOUCHFOLIO series of hard back books with audio by Joséphine Michel & Mika Vainio. First series of TOUCHLINE releases, online only paralleling Folio. Biosphere & Deathprod reunite for Stator and Philip Jeck’s seminal Cardinal is released in the autumn.

TouchLine 5 – Aino Tytti “Millennium Mills”
Spire 6 – The Eternal Chord “Orga”
TouchLine 4 – Mark Van Hoen – Artefacts l
TO:98 – Philip Jeck “Cardinal”
TO:97 – Heitor Alvelos “Faith”
TouchLine 3 – Yann Novak “Scalar Field (9a00ff, ff6600, ff0066, fe0000)”
TouchLine 2 – Simon Scott “Below Sea Level”
TouchLine 1 – Budhaditya Chattopadhyay “Decomposing Landscape”
FOLIO 001 – Josephine Michel & Mika Vainio “Halfway to White”
TO:99 – Biosphere Deathprod “Stator”


Touch releases Anna von Hausswolff’s “Källan (Prototype)” as part of the ongoing white label series. Live events occur in Los Angeles (Amoeba Records & Private Island), the Touch Mentorship programme continues with Pepa Ivanova presenting her work at the Royal College of Art, London…

TO:53V – Fennesz “Venice”
Tone 45.7 – Achim Mohné “Accelerated Standstill”
TO:96 – Hildur Gudnadottir “Saman”
TO:94 – Jacaszek & Kwartludium “Catalogue des Arbres”
TO:93 – Thomas Ankersmit “Figueroa Terrace”
TAPP 02 – Touch app for Android
Tone 50D – Jana Winderen “Out of Range”
Tone 45.6 – Anna von Hausswolff “Kallan (Prototype)”


So after a momentous year…, Touch31 kicks off with a 2 x USB release of recordings from Touch.30 live at Beaconsfield, and restarts the 7″ series, ‘Touch Sevens’ with releases from Rosy Parlane & Sohrab. Jacob Kirkegaard’s first vinyl, Conversion, followed in March. Further releases followed from Bruce Gilbert + BAW, Burkhard Stangl, his first for the label, and a collaboration between Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall. BJNilsen’s “The Eye of the Microphone” followed in December.

Meanwhile field trips with Jana Winderen (Scotlland), various talks and presentations (Lincoln University), live events included Anna von Hausswolff and Chris Watson, collaborating for the first time with Hildur Gudnadottir (with programming by Tony Myatt), at Lincoln Cathedral as part of Frequency Festival of Digital Arts. Spire continued its select programming at Kontraste Festival, Austria – releasing Marcus Davidson’s “The Passing” as a download only production, with Charles Matthews on Organ. Bergen Cathedral also hosted Spire at The Festival for Church, Art and Music in Bergen kirkeautunnale 2013 (Norway).

The Touch Mentorship programme opens with Jiyeon Kim (South Korea) and Pepa Ivanova (Bulgaria) as the first two recipients. Jiyeon Kim performs at the Touch live event at Ausland, Berlin.

TO:95 – BJ Nilsen “Eye of the Microphone”
Spire 5 – Marcus Davidson “The Passing”
TO:91 – Phill Niblock “Touch Five”
TO:92 – Burkhard Stangl “Unfinished. For William Turner, painter.”
TO:88 – Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall “Monstrance”
TO:87 – Bruce Gilbert and BAW “Diluvial”
TO:89 – Chris Watson “In St Cuthbert’s Time”
Tone 48 – Geir Jenssen “Stromboli”
T33.3V – Walo Shatan Gwari “Drumming for Creation”
Tone 49D – Various Artists “The Sarsen Circle”
Tone 47 – Jacob Kirkegaard “Conversion”
TS15 – Sohrab “Between Strangers”
TS14 – Rosy Parlane “Willow”
Touch30USB – Various Artists “Live at Beaconsfield”


Touch’s 30th anniversary year is documented on a micro-site which can be found here, The 30th year kicks off with a series of events and releases, including albums by Oren Ambarchi, Hildur Gudnadottir (CD and multi-channel version on USB stick), and Thomas Köner…

Tone 33 – Various Artists “Thirty years and counting”
TO:86 – Mika Vainio “Fe3O4 – Magnetite”
T33.2V – Various Artists “Islands in-between”
TO:85 – Thomas Köner “Novaya Zemlya”
TO:90 – Hildur Gudnadottir “Leyfdu Ljosinu”
Orval 1 – Touch “Beermat”
Tone 42DR3 – Sohrab “You Are Not Alone lll”
Tone 45.5 – Daniel Menche “Quanta of Light”
RGB01 – fennesz wozencroft “Liquid Music”
TO:83 – Oren Ambarchi “Audience of One”
Tone 45.4 – Jana Winderen “Debris”


BJNilsen & Mike Harding kick off the year with a week-long course at Transmedia, Brussels. CM von Hausswolff releases his first album on Touch. The Touch Sevens series continues, and releases from Fennesz, Biosphere and Chris Watson adorn the year. A new series of limited edition (300) white label vinyl only releases commences with ‘Vinyl’ by BJNilsen. The ‘Touch’ iPhone & iPad app is submitted to Apple iTunes on 2nd October.

TS30 – Jon Wozencroft “Touch.30”
TS11 – Biosphere “Mysterier”
TS13 – Mike Harding “Repaired/Replaced”
T-Phone 5 – Edgar Honetschlager & Yukika Kudo “Negative Space”
Tone 46 – Fennesz + Sakamoto “Flumina”
TO:42 – Chris Watson “El Tren Fantasma”
TO:42V – Chris Watson “El Tren Fantasma – The Signal Man’s Mix”
TAPP 01 – Touch app for iPhone and iPad
Tone 45.3 – Oren Ambarchi & Joe Talia “Hit & Run”
Tone 44 – Fennesz “Seven Stars”
Tone 45.2 – The Sight Below “N-Plants_Remixes”
TS12 – Bruce Gilbert “Monad”
Tone 42DR2 – Sohrab “You Are Not Alone ll”
TO:84 – Biosphere “N-Plants”
Tone 42DR1 – Sohrab “You Are Not Alone l”
T-Phone 4 – Budhaditya Chattopadhyay “Eye Contact with the City”
Tone 42DS – Sohrab “Shouting at Dictators”
Tone 43 – Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson “Cross-Pollination”
Tone 45.1 – BJNilsen “Vinyl”
TO:82 – CM von Hausswolff “800 000 Seconds in Harar”


The British Library accept TouchRadio as a ‘named collection’ in their sound archive. Touch goes to South Korea for the first time; performs at Berghain, Berlin and releases new albums by Philip Jeck, Phill Niblock, Sohrab and Eleh.

Tone 42 – Sohrab “A Hidden Place”
Spire 4 – Pietro Riparbelli “4 Churches”
T-Phone 3 – Jana Winderen “nightwater”
TO:81 – Philip Jeck “An Ark for the Listener”
Tone 41 – Hildur Gudnadottir “Mount A”
TO:80DS – ELEH “Repose”
TS10 – Philip Jeck & Marcus Davidson “Spliced”
TS09 – Lawrence English “Incongruous Harmonies”
TD01 – Biosphere & Jon Wozencroft “Substrata 2.1”
Spire 3 – Daniel Menche “Hover”
TO:73 – Jana Winderen “Energy Field”
TO:80 – ELEH “Location Momentum”
T-Phone 1 – Biosphere “Outside By The Fjord”
TO:77 – BJNilsen “The Invisible City”


2009 sees the debut albums from Jana Winderen and Hildur Gudnadóttir. Amidst great changes in the industry, Touch starts to offer bespoke A3 prints and downloads as a product. London shows at the QEH and The Roundhouse take place in April and May.

Tone 40 – Oren Ambarchi “Intermission 2000-2008”
Tone 39 – ELEH/Nana April Jun “Observations & Momentum”
TO:72 – Mika Vainio “Black Telephone of Matter”
TO:71 – Robert Hampson “Vectors”
Tone 38 – Biosphere “Wireless – Live at The Arnolfini, Bristol”
TO:68DS – Jon Wozencroft A3 print / Rosy Parlane – “Willow”
TO:70DS – Hildur Gudnadottir “Iridescence”
Tone 36DS – Jana Winderen “Submerged”
Spire 1 – Jon Wozencroft A3 print / The Spire Ensemble – “Organology”
TO:70 – Hildur Gudnadottir “Without Sinking”
Tone 37 – Nana April Jun “The Ontology of Noise”
Tone 36 – Jana Winderen “Heated: Live in Japan”
Tone 29 – Philip Jeck “Suite: Live in Liverpool”


The Touch Sevens Series continues, and Philip Jeck’s album, ‘Sand, is released in March. Touch are nominated for numerous awards at Qwartz 4, Paris, and Touch artists appear over two nights at the ceremonies in early April. Atmospheres 2 takes place in London during May.

TO:76 – Fennesz “Black Sea” [CD]
TS08 – People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz “Withers in the Waking”
TO:76D – Fennesz “Saffron Revolution”
Tone 35 – Jacob Kirkegaard “Labyrinthitis”
TS07 – Jim O’Rourke “Despite the Water Supply”
Tone 31 – Lawrence English “Kiri No Oto”
TS06 – Mika Vainio “Behind the Radiators”
TS03 – AER “Project”
Tone 28 – Spire Live “Fundamentalis”
TS05 – Oren Ambarchi – Destinationless Desire
TO:67 – Philip Jeck “Sand”
TS01 – Fennesz/Jeck/Matthews “Amoroso”
TS04 – Fennesz “Transition”
Tone 34 – Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego “The Sinking of the Titanic (1969-)”


Touch 25 finished with a sell-out event at The Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol with a live performance of Storm, Biosphere and a workshop by Chris Watson & Mike Harding. The year began with albums by KK Null, Lasse Marhaug | Nils Henrik Asheim, Oren Ambarchi and BJNilsen as well as the full length studio album by Fennesz Sakamoto. The Touch Sevens series of 7″ vinyl began with Chris Watson’s recordings of the Pacific Ocean, heralding a foray into vinyl, which will be continued into 2008. Most of the Touch back catalogue also appeared as digital downloads… The first Atmospheres festival take place at various venues in England. The Sinking of the Titanic by Gavin Bryars/Philip Jeck/Alter Ego was released at the end of the year.

TS04D – Fennesz “On a Desolate Shore a Shadow Passes By”
TO:78 – Oren Ambarchi “In the Pendulum’s Embrace”
TO:75 – BJNilsen “The Short Night”
TS02 – Chris Watson “Oceanus Pacificus”
Tone 32 – Fennesz Sakamoto “Cendre”
TO:74 – KK NULL “Fertile”
TO:46 – Biosphere “Cirque”
Tone 27 – Chris Watson – BJNilsen “Storm”
Tone 30 – Marhaug | Asheim “Grand Mutation”
Tone 23 – Fennesz “Live in Japan”


The year begins with a major new release by Biosphere, and the start of the 25th anniversary events. A dedicated show was held in October in London, and a festival in York immediately after. Rosy Parlane came over from New Zealand, and other Touch artists who took part were Biosphere, Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda, Philip Jeck, Jacob Kirkegaard, BJNilsen and others. The tour coincided with new albums by Rosy Parlane and Chris Watson ¬ BJNilsen, and field Recordings from Geir Jenssen [Biosphere].

Tone 26 – Jacob Kirkegaard “4 Rooms”
TO:68 – Rosy Parlane “Jessamine”
Tone 25 – Touch 25
TO:69 – Phill Niblock “Touch Three”
TO:66 – Biosphere “Dropsonde”


BJ Nilsen releases Fade to white, and Spire Live from Geneva [see above] is produced. First release on Touch for Jacob Kirkegaard, and in June a live collaboration between Christian Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto. In October Touch plays Ultima, Oslo, and then Spire Live in Göteborg, Sweden.

TO:79 – Phill Niblock “Touch Strings”
Tone 24 – KK.NULL/Watson/z’ev “Number One”
Tone 22 – Fennesz Sakamoto “Sala Santa Cecilia”
Tone 21 – Spire Live at Geneva Cathedral
T33.20 – Jacob Kirkegaard “Eldfjall”
TO:65 – BJ Nilsen “Fade to White”


A collaboration between Organum and Z’EV, Tinnitus, Philip Jeck’s 7 and Venice by Fennesz are released. First CD by Rosy Parlane, Iris. Spire performed Live in Geneva Cathedral at La Batie festival, with Marcus Davidson, Fennesz, Philip Jeck, Charles Matthews and BJNilsen. Jóhann Jóhannsson releases his 2nd album, Virthulegu forestar, on CD and DVD-A.

TO:64 – Jóhann Jóhannsson “Virthulegu forsetar”
TO:63 – Z’EV “Headphone Musics # 1-6 b/w As Is As”
TO:62 – Biosphere “Autour de la Lune”
TO:61 – Oren Ambarchi “Grapes from the Estate”
TO:58 – Rosy Parlane “Iris”
TO:53 – Fennesz “Venice”
TO:CDR5 – BJNilsen “Live at Konzerthaus, Vienna 06_12_03”
Tone 20 – Spire: Organ Music Past, Present & Future
Tone 19 – Organum Z’EV “Tinnitus VU”


Mika Vainio’s and Chris Watson’s 3rd solo albums are released, along with new cds by Phill Niblock and Ken Ikeda, and a first acoustic cd from Ryoji Ikeda, op. Watson’s Weather Report at the Lovebytes festival, Cut and Splice and elsewhere. Double CD compilation Spire, Organ Music, Past, Present & Future comes out at the end of the year.

TO:54 – Mika Vainio “In the Land of the Blind One-Eyed is King”
TO:CDR4 – Rafael Toral “Engine. Live in Paris”
TO:60 – Ryoji Ikeda “op.”
TO:59 – Phill Niblock “Touch Food”
TO:47 – Chris Watson “Weather Report”
T33.19 – Ken Ikeda “Merge”
TO:57 – Philip Jeck “7”


Touch: Ringtones CD is released in February as a protest against the banality of the technology. Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Englabörn, 3rd albums by Biosphere, Philip Jeck and Mika Vainio. The live tour continues around Europe, including the opening of the STUK centre in Leuven. Easter Friday at the Pompidou Centre, Paris, and the New Forms Festival in Den Haag. In October Touch toured Switzerland, visiting Zurich, Fribourg and Geneva, and in November played a central part in the Fricties Festival, Vooruit in Gent, Belgium.

Tone 18 – Star Switch On
Tone 17 – Hazard “Land”
Tone 16 – Fennesz “Field Recordings 1995:2002”
TO:52 – Jóhann Jóhannsson “Englaborn”
Tone 15 – Philip Jeck & Jacob Kirkegaard “Soaked”
TO:56 – Philip Jeck “Stoke”
TO:55 – Biosphere “Shenzhou”


Touch celebrates its 20th year with a UK tour with Biosphere, Fennesz & Hazard, including May 21st at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. Release of ‘Touch Works…’ by Phill Niblock. The 3rd in the Rehberg & Bauer trilogy and Locust’s double CD, Wrong, are released. Matrix by Ryoji Ikeda wins the Golden Nica at Ars Electronica festival. The first in a series of live releases, TO:CDR…, begins with Philip Jeck’s Live in Japan.

Tone 14 – Touch: Ringtones
TO:51 – Locust “Wrong”
T33.18 – Oren Ambarchi “Suspension”
TO:50 – Biosphere “Substrata 2”
TO:49 – Phill Niblock “Touch Works, for Hurdy Gurdy and Voice”
TO:48 – Rafael Toral “Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance”
TO:45 – Rehberg & Bauer “passt”
Tone 13 – Hazard | Fennesz | Biosphere “Light “


Touch releases Biosphere’s Cirque on CD and LP. Chris Watson wins a distinction at Prix Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) for his CD Outside the Circle of Fire (1998). Mika Vainio’s Kajo is released. Ryoji Ikeda tours with Zoviet France.

TO:40 – Fennesz “plus forty seven degrees 56′ 37″ minus sixteen degrees 51′ 08″”
TO:44 – Ryoji Ikeda “Matrix”
TO:43 – Mika Vainio “Kajo”
TO:41 – Richard H. Kirk “Darkness at Noon”
TO:3.3 – Panni Bharti “Silent Tongues”
Tone 12 – Richard H. Kirk “Loopstatic”
Tone 11 – John Duncan “Tap Internal”
T33.17 – Ken Ikeda “Tzuki [Moon]”
T33.16 – Oren Ambarchi “Insulation”
T_ZERO_0 – Touch Sampler 00
TO:CDR3 – Fennesz “Live at Revolver/Melbourne”
TO:CDR2 – S.E.T.I. “Live at Gen Weyngaert, Brussels”
TO:CDR1 – Philip Jeck “Live at ICC, Tokyo”


Touch & Fuse book, Fennesz’s 47 degrees… CD and the the first release by Oren Ambarchi.

TO:39 – Rehberg & Bauer “Ballt”
Tone 7.2 – New Order “Video 5-8-6”
TO:15 – Jon Wozencroft “Touch & Fuse”


Heading into glitch territory _ the arrival of Apple’s Powerbook computers encourage musicians to develop their own mobile/performing studios. Philip Jeck’s Surf takes the art of vinyl/turntable manipulation a step further. Chris Watson’s Outside the Circle of Fire uses close-up sound recordings of animal activity to cast additional light on their relationships to digital sound.

TO:38 – Ryoji Ikeda “0ºC”
TO:37 – Chris Watson “Outside the Circle of Fire”
TO:36 – Philip Jeck “Surf”
Tone 10 – Sandoz “Chant to Jah”
Tone 9 – Scala “Compass Heart”
T_ZERO_3 – Touch Sampler 3
TOUCH.SEVEN.1 – Your Summer Recordings


Release of the first solo CD by Mika Vainio from Pan Sonic (formerly Panasonic), and beginning of collaboration with Mark Van Hoen (Locust) and Scala which results in Last Flowers from the Darkness, a collection of works by Mark Van Hoen covering the period 1992-1996, and Scala’s Beauty Nowhere and Compass Heart. The first Rehberg & Bauer CD based on digital processing errors comes out. The same year sees New Order’s Video 5-8-6 recording finally emerge as a CD single and enter the charts in the UK, no thanks to the major retailers’ absurd policies.

Tone 7P – New Order “Video 5-8-6”
TO:35 – Evan Parker & Lawrence Casserley “Solar Wind”
TO:34 – Mika Vainio “Onko”
TO:32 – Rehberg & Bauer “Fasst”
TO:31 – Mark Van Hoen “Last Flowers from the Darkness”
T33.15 – Soliman Gamil “A Map of Egypt Before the Sands”
Tone 8 – WIR “Wirvien”
Tone 7.1 – New Order “Video 5-8-6”
Tone 7 – New Order “Video 5-8-6”
T_ZERO_2 – Touch Sampler 2
TO:29 – Scala “Beauty Nowhere”


Touch releases the first solo CD by Chris Watson, formerly sound recordist with the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, and later sound recordist for many BBC wildlife programmes, including David Attenborough’s award-winning Life of Birds. Closely followed by the highly acclaimed +/- by Ryoji Ikeda, the minimalist Japanese composer who also composes and arranges the sound for the performing troupe Dumb Type. The Wire described it as “an absolutely indispensible bridge between sinetone minimalism and Panasonic-style modernist techno”. It is difficult to describe. Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson’s elegiac soundtrack to the film “Children of Nature” acts as the perfect counterpoint.

TO:30 – Ryoji Ikeda “+/-“
TO:27 – Chris Watson “Stepping into the Dark”
T33.14 – Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson “Children of Nature”
Tone 4 – Sandoz “Dark Continent”


Touch releases Loopholes, the first solo cd by Philip Jeck, winner of the Time Out Performance Award in 1993 for Vinyl Requiem. The first time digitally-generated film becomes acceptable in the production process, so the beginning of our association with Orange and their hi-res scanning facility. 1995 also saw the release of the first Touch Sampler CD.

Tone 6 – Richard H. Kirk “Step, Write, Run – Alphaphone Vol.1”
TO:28 – Sandoz “Every Man Got Dreaming”
TO:26 – Philip Jeck “Loopholes”
TO:25 – INDICATE “Whelm”
Tone 5 – Wir3O “The Last First Letter”
T_ZERO_1 – Touch Sampler 1


Continuing to work with The Hafler Trio and Richard Kirk, whose Sandoz and Sweet Exorcist CDs and vinyl are released.

TO:24 – The Hafler Trio “How to Reform Mankind”
TO:23 – Sandoz “Intensely Radioactive”
T33.13 – Sweet Exorcist – Spirit Guide to Low Tech


Sandoz’s (aka Richard H. Kirk) Digital Lifeforms CD is described in The Observer as ‘dance music for the twenty first century’. In the next 7 years, Kirk records and releases 7 further CDs, Intensely Radioactive (1994), Every Man Got Dreaming (1995), Step, Write, Run (1996), Dark Continent (1996), Chant to Jah (1998), Darkness at Noon (1999) and LoopStatic (2000).

TO:22 – The Hafler Trio & The Sons of God “Resurrection – Live in Sweden”
TO:21 – Sandoz “Digital Lifeforms”
TO:20 – John Duncan “Send”


Production and publication of Vagabond, edited with Jon Savage. The independent book distributor goes bankrupt. Rough Trade distribution having ceased to be, also.

TO:18 – The Hafler Trio “Mastery of Money” [CD]
TO:4 – The Nocturnal Emissions “Drowning in a Sea of Bliss”
SPL:2 – Willem de Ridder & The Hafler Trio “Snuff”
Tone 3 – The Hafler Trio “FUCK”
VAG 1 – Vagabond 1


TO:19 – Strafe FR “Lufthunger”
TO:13 – z’ev “One Foot in the Grave”
Tone 2 – Etant Donnés “Royaume”
Tone 1 – The Hafler Trio “Masturbatorium”


Étant Donnés’ Aurore, and Contact by John Duncan and A.M. McKenzie. Digital bromides are output for the typographic artwork, thanks to QuarkXPress, rather than marked up and sent to the typesetter. The beginning of the digital typeface explosion and desktop publishing.

TO:17 – Andrew McKenzie & John Duncan “Contact”
TO:16 – Etant Donnés “Aurore”
TO:14 – Soliman Gamil “Ankh”
TOC:2 – The Hafler Trio “Kuklos”
T33.9 – Bezhad “Myth”
T33.11 – There Where the Avalanche Stops – Albanian Music Vol. 1


Production of Spiral series with A.M. McKenzie. Vögel by Strafe Für Rebellion gathers together the Düsseldorf group’s finest recordings

TO:12 – Strafe Für Rebellion “Vogel”
TO:11 – The Hafler Trio “Ignotum Per Ignotius”
T33.8 – Glas/Usta
SPL:1 – The Hafler Trio “A Bag of Cats”


T33.7 – Narodna
Codex 1 – Jean Baudrillard “Xerox and Infinity”
T7:45 – Touch Ritual Cut-up
TO:10 – Mother Tongue “Open in Obscurity”


‘Interaction’ exhibition at the Camden Arts Centre, London, featuring Peter Blake, Brian Eno, Russell Mills, Jamie Reid and Touch. Feature on Channel 4’s ‘The Tube’. Screening of Alternation Perception and Resistance by The Hafler Trio on C4’s ‘After Image’. 1986 Also sees the first Touch record by The Hafler Trio – The Sea Org. This is followed by Brain Song (1986), Protection (1987), A Thirsty Fish (1988), before Ignotum per Ignotius becomes the first fully-fledged CD release, in non-jewel case format (1989), followed by Masturbatorium (1991), FUCK (1992), Mastery of Money (1992), Resurrection, with The Sons of God, (1993) and How to Reform Mankind (1994). The 1980s vinyl releases eventually came out on 6 CDs in a collaboration with The Grey Area of Mute Records, The Golden Hammer (1994). Currently being re-issued by Korm Plastics, The Netherlands.

TO:9 – The Hafler Trio “A Thirsty Fish”
TO:8 – Neville Brody “The Death of Typography”
TO:7 – Soliman Gamil “The Egyptian Music”
T33.6 – The Hafler Trio – “Protection”


Meridians One and Two, Touch Travel, Ritual: Lands End and Ritual: Magnetic North, featuring artists such as Test Department, A Certain Ratio, Derek Jarman, Russell Mills, Peter Saville, General Strike, Jah Wobble, Gilbert and George, Joseph Beuys, Jamie Reid, Greil Marcus, Jon Savage, The Residents and Cabaret Voltaire… Slow improvements in the quality of cassette production/reproduction – a medium designed entirely for domestic purposes rather than mass distribution. 1984 sees Touch’s first LP release, The Egyptian Music by Soliman Gamil, the composer for the National State Theatre in Cairo who trained his own troupe to perform and record traditional Egyptian music annotated from documents found in the Pyramids. The Revox tapes quickly deteriorated; they were treated at the Exchange prior to release on CD in 1987, later the original cassettes were remastered for A Map of Egypt Before the Sands.

TO:6 – Strafe Für Rebellion “Santa Maria”
TO:5 – The Hafler Trio “The Sea Org”
TOC:1 – The Hafler Trio “Redintegrate”
TO:3.2 – Panni Bharti “Silent Tongues”
T33.5 – The Hafler Trio “Brain Song”
T9:45 – Last Few Days “Too Much is Not Enough”
T5:45 – Last Few Days “Too Much Is Not Enough” c_w S/Z “Terrified of Soap”
T5 – Ritual: Magnetic North


T5c – Ritual: Magnetic North
T33.4 – Ritual: Lands End
T33.3 – Drumming For Creation


TO:3 – Panni Charrington “Second Sense”
TO:1 – Sayno Productions “Waterglass”
TO:2 – General Strike “Danger in Paradise”
T4 – Touch Travel
T33.2 – Various Artists “Islands Inbetween”


T3 – Meridians Two
T2 – Meridians One


4th March – Official founding of Touch by Jon Wozencroft

11th March – New Order perform at The Newcastle Mayfair

December – First Touch release, Feature Mist, one in a series of six cassette magazines. Exclusive tracks by New Order, Shostakovich, Simple Minds, Tuxedomoon, Soliman Gamil, with images, graphics and stories from Psychic TV, Neville Brody, Mayakovsky, Robert Wyatt and The Residents’ Rozztox Manifesto… The cassettes are sponsored by Maxell but the mastering quality is pre-Roman.

T33 – Various Artists “Touch 33”
T1 – Various Artists – “Feature Mist”