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TO:95 | BJ Nilsen “Eye of the Microphone”

BJ Nilsen’s new album is now available to order in the TouchShop. ‘Eye of the Microphone’ was recorded and mixed in London, 2012-13. You will receive a free download of Nilsen’s recent performance at Café Oto with this album, when purchased in the TouchShop. We are now taking advanced orders. Release date is December 16th.
Extended Digipak – 3 tracks – 43:19
Mastered By Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:
1. Londinium
2. Coins and Bones
3. Twenty Four Seven
BJ Nilsen (b,1975 Sweden) Is a sound and recording artist. His work is based on the sound of nature and its effect on humans. He primarily uses field recordings and electronic composition as a working method. He has worked for film, television, theatre, dance and as sound designer. His newest album presented here is “Eye Of The Microphone” [Touch # TO:95, 2013] – a somewhat surreal audio rendition of the sounds of The City of London. Currently also working on The Acoustic City, a book publication with CD, co-edited with Matthew Gandy, [2014, JOVIS Verlag, Berlin].
Recorded and Mixed in London 2012 – 2013
++ To stroll properly, one should not have any particular plans ++ 
In 2012 I received a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust for a one-year Artist in Residency at the UCL Urban Laboratory in London, to introduce sound as an art practice to urban scholars and students. As part of my research I decided to dérive the city. 
I spent full days and sometimes nights sweeping the streets and its interiors for sound – walking and listening with no route or intention. A city without sound does not exist. Every location, passageway, alley, road, park, and pub contains its own world of isolated sound events and patterns – the sound of a shopping bag caught by the wind on the asphalt of a busy street when a bus passes by. What seems to be merely a bus is also a cacophony of sounds, a sound world in itself: hydraulics, breaks, interior noise, honking, public announcements, humans, rolling bottles, cell phones, mp3 players. The rattle of an air-conditioning unit in an old pub toilet gradually develops its broken down sound over many years, creating a raga for it own demise. Nobody seems to hear it. Is it there? The choice of sound varies; it’s a personal selection, some sounds made it into this composition, many hours of recording didn’t. 
Sound composition can alter space and time and transform a specific location and experience into an imaginary world.
Buy BJ Nilsen “Eye of the Microphone” [CD + MP3] in the TouchShop

David Attenborough: My Life In Sound

In an exclusive interview for BBC Radio 4, David Attenborough talks to Chris Watson about his life in sound.
Monday 16 December
BBC Radio 4
You can now hear this episode on iPlayer
One of Sir David’s first jobs in natural history filmmaking was as a wildlife sound recordist. Recorded in Qatar, Sir David is with Chris Watson (a current wildlife sound recordist), and is there to make a film about a group of birds he is passionate about, The Bird of Paradise. It is in Qatar where the world’s largest captive breeding population is and it is in this setting Chris takes Sir David back to the 1950s and his early recording escapades, right through to today where Sir David narrates a series of Tweet Of The Days on Radio 4 across the Christmas and New Year period.
Presenter: Chris Watson
Producer: Julian Hector for the BBC
Further information:

The Sound of One Ant Walking | Radio Times December 2013

Inside the world of a wildlife audio expert
Chris Watson, who has worked on Attenborough’s Frozen Planet and Life in the Undergrowth, shares a remarkable insight into sound recording, some exclusive clips – and his feelings about music in wildlife shows.