Since its first release in 1982, Touch has created audio-visual productions that combine innovation with a level of care and attention that has made it the most enduring of any independent company of its time.

As Igloo Magazine wrote in 2011:

“Touch has long been a label that embraces experimental electronic music by an array of respected musicians, many who have released material over an extended period of time through the label. Resplendent in founder Jon Wozencroft’s distinctive sleeve designs, Touch is always mindful of quality both aesthetically and musically, and continues to deliver the best in experimental electronic listening music that is high in concept and creativity.

Demo policy

Touch operates on a curatorial basis, so unfortunately we cannot accept unsolicited material from third parties. Please don’t send us any demos or similar offerings. Thanks.

[Why we are not called ‘Touch Records’:Because we are not a record company…]

Corporate Information

Incunabula Ltd t/a Touch
13 Osward Road
London SW17 7SS

Directors: MSCHarding & JPWozencroft
Company registered in the UK: 2582314
VAT No.: GB562202966