TO:6 – Strafe Fur Rebellion “Santa Maria”

Track list:

Side One:
1. For Mao, Folk And Religion
Bass – Ka Marion Wedrich
Violin [Cambodia Violin] – Hans Josef
2. In Egypt In The Month Of May
Bass – Axel Grube
Flute – Delia Gee
Voice – Moira Kirstin Boyd
3. Luna
Guitar [Spanish], Castanets [Castañetas] – Ka Marion Wedrich
Voice – Moira Kirstin Boyd

Side Two:
1. Dien Bien Phu
Guitar – Ka Marion Wedrich
2. Not For Radio
Bass – Alex Grube
3. Niet Voor Blanckes — Afrikaans
Flute – Delia Gee
4. Santa Maria
Arranged by Strafe Für Rebellion
Flute – Delia Gee
Voice – Laureen Chambers