13th October 2022, Iklectik

Jon Wozencroft’s Sound Seminars

Fluid Vortex / The Spiral Column
Iklectik 13th October 2022

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+ Live performance by CLARA

One hundred years ago on opposite sides of the ocean, two researchers pushed the potentialities of ‘free energy’.

In the USA, Nikola Tesla, having invented the electrical system of alternating current, was moving towards a “cosmic grid” that would allow electricity to be free on demand. In Austria, the barely-known Viktor Schauberger was examining the movement, flow and mineral content of water, indicating the ways in which its quality and health-enhancing potentials could be maximized, by what he termed the “vortex energy” in water’s distribution through spirals and curves in rivers and waterways.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” 
― Nikola Tesla

The two men never met. They shared in common a fierce critique of the prevailing political, industrial and military ideas of their day – an accelerating capitalistic/consumer society that would be consolidated in the Western democracies after the horrors of World War Two. Both, in their different ways, were ecologists long before the term was invented. They both died in penury.

“Unfortunately, catastrophes or scandalous disclosures always have to happen before humanity realises that it is only its own mistakes that have led it into misfortune. These are all the more difficult to rectify, because in the main they have been made by the authorities, who will not commit suicide themselves, but in order to save their own skins, they would rather that all Life should perish before they acknowledge their errors.” 
― Viktor Schauberger

The present reality of climate change, polluted water and impossible energy bills highlights Tesla’s and Schauberger’s propositions as being especially prescient. They could be easily dismissed as simply utopian were it not for the vigour with which their work and ideas were undermined in their own time, most probably as a smokescreen for the USA military’s interest in Tesla’s proposed ‘Death Ray’ technology and Schauberger’s knowledge of heavy water that the Nazi party coveted for its own atomic weapons programme.

Between drought and flood, the polarity of Britannia Unchained and Extinction Rebellion, and the idea that there are no new ideas, here are some significant templates for real change. Tesla by and large has his reputation revitalised in film, biographies and of course via the assimilation of his name to sell electric cars. Schauberger’s legacy would be non-existent were it not for his family and dedicated biographers, Callum Coats and Alick Bartholomew.

As humans, we talk about the need to have a backbone, the ability to stand up directly against forces that seek to downgrade us, and nature, and our bodies – having a spine, in English, a ‘spinal column’. There’s a YouTube video where Callum Coats makes the observation that in German, the word is ‘Wirbelsäule’ which is more telling, and means ‘spiral column’.

Masuru Emoto tried to demonstrate that water was affected by verbal communication. Positive messages created crystal structures in frozen water, and negative messages did not. The water was ‘dead’. This reflects Schauberger’s theory that water is extremely qualitative, and open to generation and regeneration, not destruction, this is what is happening now. There is ‘juvenile water’ and vortex-treated water. The relationship between the two is not obvious.

Spiral forms are to be found in nature, everywhere, and in prehistoric art as signifiers of the natural, divine force. Human experience is made up of spirals between the known and the unknown, the pleasurable and the scary. Instead, we have tried to constitute our lives around the straight lines of the known and the must-be-resisted. This hasn’t been working well, to put it mildly. The fact is, nothing transformational seems to have happened for a very long time. What are the conditions for that? How and why did all this happen?

Callum Coats – The Water Wizard / Living Energies
Alick Bartholomew – Hidden Nature – The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
Masaru Emoto – The Hidden Messages of Water

Fluid Vortex will feature a live performance and new video by CLARA, in the context of a series of sounds that explore the relationship between actual and invisible energies…

CLARA is a multidisciplinary artist with roots in the visual arts world, who over the last seven years has refined her practise of drawing voices from silence. Using a microphone, analogue circuit and movement, she traces and weaves an offering of resonances from the electromagnetic, subtle and sonic waves unique to her present environment.