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Lecture & Conference | Evreux, France 14th June 2014

SATURDAY, JUNE 14th | 17h | Media Center of Evreux
Denis BOYER (Feardrop) | Mike HARDING (Touch) | Thierry WEYD (Ésam Caen-Cherbourg)
Collaboration |’Atelier(s) | Media Center | Ésam Caen-Cherbourg | Feardrop
Free entrance
Media Center, Square Georges Brassens, 27000 Évreux – France

Before Jana Winderen and Thomas Köner concert the same day at the Museum of Art History & Archeology cloister, a lecture will be provide by Denis Boyer, director of sound review Feardrop, on its texts on the Ice musical Imagination (L’imaginaire musical des glaces) and Thomas Köner. You can find information on the concert here.

Presentation of Touch with the presence of its director Mike Harding (who publishes among other works, Jana Winderen and Thomas Köner), and Thierry Weyd (teacher and editor) in the matter of Jana Winderen residency at the Laboratory of Art and Water initiated by Esam Caen-Cherbourg (Art Academy).

Franck Dubois, director of |’Atelier(s) and Frédéric Cosset, president of |’Atelier(s) will question Denis Boyer, Mike Harding and Thierry Weyd.

Cecilia Lee’s Recipe for a Recipe


Several pounds or kilos of words
A pinch of careful judgment
Grammar and spelling as needed
Garnish with flair


Start with a vessel to catch your ideas. Add a number of words. Weigh them if you wish. Skim off the tops. Taste and add more if bland.
Pepper it with adjectives. Add declarative verbs and nouns liberally. Let simmer until reduced in size.
Remove most of the adverbs. Reserve them for another use.
Measure carefully as needed. Season to taste.

Serves as many as you wish.

Note: Most will keep 5 to 10 years when refrigerated, even longer if left out to age gracefully.

Denis Blackham | Skye Mastering

From Denis Blackham’s twitter feed:

‘After 45 years of mastering music, I’ve decided the time has come to hang up my ears and retire. So as of today,……’

Mike Harding replied:
‘a HUGE thank you for all your amazing work over the years. How long did we collaborate? #skyemastering @skyemastering’

Denis responded:
‘Thank you! It’s been a total pleasure mastering for Touch since 1988, with the 7″ Touch Ritual: Cut Up, which Denis cut onto vinyl when he worked at Tape One.’