Guerrilla 130

December 15th 2020 – Guerrilla 130

1. New piece based on two old loops from a much longer piece using Leviathan software. The drummer is an Andy Newmark loop recorded at Sigma Sound. There is no synchronicity between Andy and the Leviathan tracks. This is just lockdown playfulness. Plain and simple.
2. The Kettle is boiling. It is a Simplicity Kettle made of stainless steel in China purchased from John Lewis. It’s tall.
3. A Beatles interview destroyed.
I seem to have given up playing almost any instrument during this year so have resorted to making up pieces from old or very new recordings. I use a Roland Edirol recorder. I’m still interested in what is not being played, or the spaces between the voices or music, but I miss playing terribly.
My technical knowledge is minimal. The interview was on You Tube.

Stay calm and well, and please don’t huddle together in groups.