Nana April Jun

Tone 39 – ELEH/Nana April Jun “Observations & Momentum”

Vinyl LP – 2 tracks

Track listing:

1. ELEH – Slow Fade for Hard Sync
2. Nana April Jun – Sun Wind Darkness Eye

About 18 months ago, we were advised of some interesting activity online concerning the nom de bruit of Swedish artist Christofer Lamgren, Nana April Jun; we didn’t know it at the time, because the authorship was something of a mystery. We produced a CD together, The Ontology of Noise in Feb 2009 [Touch # Tone 37], in which one track, particularly, stood out as being perfect for a vinyl edition. In the same timeframe, the series of releases by Eleh on Important Records attracted our attention. These homages to La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros and Charlemagne Palestine, vinyl-only limited editions stunned us with their acuity and passion for detail… There was something other in the sound. Eleh, also, is an artist who prefers the work to speak for itself, and has other ideas about noise. The digital is questioned by a commitment to a working practice based around analogue tone-generators and letterpress printed covers. The Important Records/Taiga releases are now sought after with a passion by anyone who recognises something truly special occuring. On this new record, Eleh develops the waveforms that the Important Records series started. The split vinyl format is a great meeting point for this idea of digital persona and analogue privacy. The effect, we hope, is for the vinyl to represent a digital question… That this LP summons up a universal sound and an intimate sphere of operations… Which is of course a continuing dilemma. Here is a great opportunity to hear Eleh and Nana April Jun at their finest. Stricly limited edition.

Tone 37 – Nana April Jun “The Ontology of Noise”

5 Tracks – CD – 36:40

Track list:

1. The One Substance
2. Process Philosophy
3. Space-Time Continuum
4. Semantic Shift
5. Sun Wind Darkness Eye

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