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Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s Hare Steak

First, trap the hare.

Secondly, disembowel.

Harri Sjostrom’s Extended Pesto al Harri

You will need:

100g of your favourite pesto verde
30g panna (cream)
30g crème fraîche
100g ewe’s cheese
olive oil
a handful of walnuts
fresh garlic
500g spaghetti
10 minutes

Let the pasta slip into boiling water.
Bruise the fresh garlic and walnuts with a good shot of olive oil.
Add ewe’s cheese, crème fraîche, panna, mash everything well with a fork. Add the pesto, go on mashing until all is fluffy.
Add two spoons of the extended pesto for one serving of spaghetti and watch this while you

Goes well with a classic caprese (sliced tomatos, mozarella, rucola, olive oil, balsamico, sea salt and ground pepper). You can keep the pesto in the fridge for two days in a jar when covered with olive oil.

[submitted by Stephan Mathieu]

Zerocrop music featured on

Touch Music artist Zerocrop has music featured in a Guardian online video interview with hatter Justin Smith, “the enfant terrible of a new wave of British milliners”.

Click here to view.

Touch on Twitter

Touch now has an official Twitter account. From there, we will be updating you with info on new editions in the TouchShop, TouchRadio broadcasts, and more… Follow us @touchmusic

Tone 7P – a poster for New Order – limited availability

A2 Poster, gloss stock
Designed by Jon Wozencroft

…discovered in the depths of the Touch archive, this poster advertises the long-deleted Tone 7 and Tone 7.1 from 1997 – New Order’s “Video 5-8-6”, which was recorded in 1982, initially as soundtrack to the opening of The Haçienda in Manchester, England.
These copies are from the original 1997 poster print-run. As such, they have minor blemishes (small crease marks to the edges) which, we believe, will be obscured when framed-up. Be quick! We only have a handful of these A2 Posters available…
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Touch Radio 41 | The Honey Bees of Cherry Garden Farm

12.06.09 – The Act of Being Stung – 08:47 – 192 kpbs VBR
Recorded 10.06.09
Mike Harding was commissioned by The Southbank Centre to record bees for The Bee Symphony, to be performed on Sunday 6th September 2009 at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, London as part of Pestival. The Bee Symphony, with music composition by Marcus Davidson and bee recordings by Mike Harding diffused by Chris Watson, will be performed at “Cross Pollination – An Evening of Experimental Insect Music”, curated by Chris Watson.
The recordings took place at Cherry Garden Farm, Stelling Minnis in Kent, England. The hives are owned by Olivia Grove on her seven acre small-holding. Also present were Marcus Davidson, who took the photos, and bee expert Mary Hill. You can hear the voices of all four on the episode…
Equipment used includes 2 x dpa 4060 mics, recording onto a Nagra Ares P-ll at 48k 24bit, and of course, a coathanger and bee suit… with thanks to Jane Beese at The Southbank Centre.
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