T33.3V – Walo Shatan Gwari “Drumming for Creation”

Edition of 300 vinyl and download only

The second in a new series of vinyl and download only releases, “from the archives…”.
The first, Islands Inbetween, was originally released on cassette in 1983 [Touch # T33.2].
The second in this series, “Drumming for Creation” [Touch # T33.3V] is now available on vinyl. Originally released on cassette in 1985 [Touch # T33.3], this edition focuses on the recordings of Walo Shatan Gwari. The ensemble, led by Malam Walo, belongs to the Gwari people of Niger State.

The performances, at London’s Commonwealth Institute, also encompassed drumming sessions and instrument-making workshops.

Track list:

Side One 15’31”
A1: Farming is the Most Important Occupation Today
A2: If You Have Something Today, Try and Enjoy It, For Tomorrow You May Not Be Alive to Do So
A3: Let Us Love One Another

Side Two 11’25”
B: Live