Tone 1 – The Hafler Trio “Masturbatorium”

Track list:

1. Masturbatorium

Artwork – Jon Wozencroft
Featuring – Annie Sprinkle
Photography [Back Cover] – Les Barany

Notes: “This recording utilises elements from various pieces, most being initiated with this project in mind, amongst which are: Psychological Astronomy – Psychophysicist (Newton, McKenzie), The Threat That Cannot Be Obeyed – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), SPIRICOM – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tesselation – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), A Luna Kanula – Asburd (McKenzie, Ponton), I Remain, Yours… – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tantric Resonance – The Anti Group (Newton, Baker, Dennis), The Ames Room – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie), Imsak – The Hafler Trio (McKenzie). Every other sound was constructed especially for this Goddess Ritual accompaniment.

Back cover photograph of the Goddess herself during this ritual taken by the legend that walks like a man, Les Barany. Front cover photograph © Annie Sprinkle. H3O logo by Mark O. Design: Jon Wozencroft. Much more that thanks are due to Annie, Ellen and Anya for above all, faith. To all everywhere – “we’re all somebody’s baby”. Dedicated to Marthe (she’ll know why – eventually).”