Tone 36DS – Jana Winderen “Submerged”

1 Track digital download

Track list:

Submerged 6:35

Download-only. This release follows on from her debut solo album, Heated: Live in Japan [Touch # Tone 36, 2009]. Submerged was made for an installation for Darkness Descends: Norwegian Art Now in New York City, 5-8 March 2009.

Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye, February 2009.
Image by Jon Wozencroft.


Boomkat (UK):

The remarkable Jana Winderen delivers another arresting piece of field recording for the Touch label, this time presenting a veritable deluge for the ears. ‘Submerged’ consumes the listener with an overwhelming barrage from the elements; it’s an inundation of water and air, featuring waves lapping coarsely against the shore and winds howling all about you while a variety of different watery timbres flood the mix. You’ll hear close-up, fizzing kinetic intensity and deeper, gurgling sonorities all flying around in there, and the whole piece comes across as an outstanding piece of environmental sound art – a little more sculpted than the sort of thing you might expect from Winderen’s labelmate (and kindred spirit) Chris Watson, but no less engaging for that.