TS11 – Biosphere “Mysterier”

7″ vinyl only – 2 tracks – 10:04
Cut by Jason @ Transition
Cover by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:
A: Fluvialmorfologi 4:24
B: Feber 5:50

TS11 – the next in the series of vinyl-only Touch Sevens – is Mysterier by Biosphere, featuring two tracks originally recorded for Hågogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway in 2006 and remastered in 2011.


Aquarius Records (USA):

Two lovely tracks of nocturnal electronica from the perennially exceptional Biosphere (aka Geir Jenssen). While he recently produced the N-Plants album, a disc rippling with taut rhythms amidst his signature warm ambience, the tracks here date back to 2006 when he was working on the Dropsonde album. Both of these tracks represent some of the darkest work we’ve heard from Biosphere, marking a considerable detour away from his typical work; and we’re certainly not complaining at all. Glacial and arctic references abound in this Norwegian’s work, but on the A side “Fluvialmorfologi,” they take on the ominous pall of what BJ Nilsen mustered under his older Hazard moniker, through sodden drones and rasping sinewave tones. The B side “Feber” is more in keeping with the somber nature of the aforementioned Dropsonde album, built upon a languid loop of minor-key strings topped with subtle effects and melodic interludes, not too far from the work of Leyland Kirby or the Konigsforst period of Gas. Great stuff, but we would expect no less from Biosphere!