Guerrilla 8


15th November 2015 – Guerrilla 8

Compiled and made by Sft early November 2015.

1. Electronic Fourtechre spray. Re/made using 3 diffirent loops.
2. Hire Car interior recording. I’m between Vidouse and Pau on a wet dark winter night in France. I’ve pulled over into a small lane I’m familiar with because Ive stopped here before going in the reverse direction to have a pee. I can hear the wind outside and the rain on the roof and windows. Loneliness and not a farmhouse light in sight.
3. Simple 4 track demo – no idea what it was called.
4. Big waves breaking over seafront at Tynemouth Pier. 2015.
5. Corn on the cob crunch 1. 2013
6. Proccessed recording of cars and lorries on the Autobahn above me circling Berlin. Recorded for “The Invisible Frame”. A film by Cynthia Beatt. 2009
7. Corn on the cob crunch 2. 2013
8. Simple 4 track demo. Part 2. I still can’t remember what it was called.
9. Unused loop. “Mind your feet”, voice and piano. Then its expanded into the beginning of an idea which was later abandoned.