Guerrilla 9


1st December 2015 – Guerrilla 9

This edition seems to be a selection of rather odd recordings. Two are discreet, to say the least – and accidental.

½. Music commissioned for Alyson Schotz exhibition in the Nasher Sculpture Centre, Dallas. August 2010. I’m using one of my favourite instruments. Leviathon. Made at St Lukes, London W11. Alyson and I have collaborated now 3 times, and we barter for each other’s work. I give her music and she gives me her art.
1. Walking to Café Oto in Dalston after eventually finding a parking space and my EDIROL not for the first time slips itself on and records the change in my pocket. These rhythm walks always remind me of Holger Czukay, for some reason.
2. My Guitar is out of time, and possibly out of tune as well. But it has character and as this piece is from the film Caravaggio by Derek Jarman and it’s only on the film in the scene where Tilda and Sean are on the hammock. So it’s hammock music played to picture once for the timing and then overdubbed once for the second guitar. Since this story is set in 1610 I felt no need to keep strict time. So really accompanying the hammock as opposed to the actors.
3. This recording is from the inside of my left pocket when I went to hear a reimagining of Discreet Music by Brian Eno at The Barbican earlier this year. I’d been recording the audience beforehand and obviously put the recorder in my pocket as I wanted to concentrate and drift off for the first half of the concert. When I got home I discovered a rather mellow jean-shaped recording of the first half. I cut 6 or 7 very small sections into separate pieces, then randomly played them in loop mode.
4. A mechanical toy crab recorded at The Natural History Museum, Barcelona in 2015.
5. Shoehorn 1. A long spatial backing track made from the sound of a shoehorn vibrating on a concrete floor. It may sound like a whale, but it is a shoehorn – long and made of steel.
6. Tiny shoehorn sections cut up in a similar way to Mr. Eno’s discreet pocker recording. Now its rhythmic. This is also part of an ongoing project to record very quiet and small sounds.