Guerrilla 6


15th October 2015 – Guerrilla 6

Mix 3/6

I am brushing the galvanized steel staircase to a basement flat in W11. 2014. Pianos recorded in second floor apartment in Via Giulia, Rome. Sept 2015, and treated through the free instrument “Forester4 ” made by Leafcutter John. Marx and Akkord electronic sounds recorded in St Lukes Studio, London in 2015. Bailey Loop extract from a commercial I made in Ireland in 2005. Compiled by sft. In October 2015. I use a Red Edirol R-09 to record live sounds and music. I am a mac user with appalling technical skills. There is some distortion and overloading. Please live with it. That’s life. “The best way to make music is to play and not have any idea what you are shooting for.” (Jeff Mills).