Guerrilla 5


1st October 2015 – Guerrilla 5

A clutter filing collage in 5 letters

1. 2012, Spring. I am speeding to an island in the Andaman Sea. Chloe is next to me, but we’re not talking. We’ve not been introduced yet, so I record the purring twin engines.
I’m going to make a new live soundtrack performance to the first feature length film of Peter Pan (1924, directed by Herbert Brenon). This will be a new score which will be semi-improvised, and I’ll record new sounds from the island of Yao Noi. I play the concert on a new floating cinema. Weird, but true. This warm engine you hear is the first recording I make on the journey. We gather speed from Ko Samui and get sprayed with warm salty seawater. It’s getting dark and beginning to rain and the journey has only just begun.
2. Misako Yabuuchi is an old friend who lives in Kyoto and has been involved in performances and music for many years. Here she is improvising about sound/noise, and this is contributing to a new piece of aural collage for a show we think might be called “ Chroma ” – a reference to Derek Jarman’s book of the same name.
3. A new collage using small extracts from my trip in 2013 to Lake Biwa to a workshop with Shiro Takatani San and his performers. There is a recording known as “rubber piano” and a dress worn by Yuko Hirai which constantly feedbacks as she moves.
This is the first time I’ve attempted to make a new piece from these live recordings, but they may well turn into a far larger work based on”Chroma”.
4. A live studio recording extract with The Elysian Quartet with Sarah Scutt on bass clarinet. I’m on the mac. This was for an exhibition called “SUPER 8“ at the Julia Stoschek Gallery in Dusseldorf. This extract did not appear on the triple cd set on Optical Sound. I’m not sure why – my fault obviously. Phillip, who runs the studio is also messing about with an H3000.
5. More performers from “Chroma” follow instructions and conclude the collage.
Compiled at St Luke Studio London W11 in the first two weeks of September 2015. Headphones may be worn for a more defined bass. interpretation.