Guerrilla 3


1st September 2015 – Guerrilla 3

G3 is a creative clutter-filing piece in three sections edited and compiled from sounds I recorded in Israel in 1995, and a song I recorded with Judge Dread and Ken Elliot when I left UK Records in 1973.

The Israeli recordings were commissioned by Rosemary Butcher for a Dance/film collaboration “After the Last Sky” which was inspired by “Palestinia, After the Last Sky” a book by Edward W Said. I travelled around Israel for two weeks with a Sony Pro recorder and no pop shield, as that would have attracted too much attention and also made me feel too professional. I’ve always though of myself as a very lucky amateur. I found the cobbler in Bethlehem one boiling afternoon. This is the truth. I am not a technical sound filer either.

Hello I Am Your Heart
songwriters: Linde, Dennis
Hello, I Am Your Heart lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Vocals: sft.
Instrumental group: Black and White.
Synth played by Ken Elliot.
Produced by sft/Judge Dread
Recorded 1973 somewhere in South London.

I recorded this after escaping the teen labeling association I had fallen into. I financed the recording myself and tried and failed to get myself a record deal. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a recording contract. Oh, yes, I did make a single for Ariola Records in Germany once, which also failed to make any impression at all on the youth of that fine car manufacturing country.