Guerrilla 4


15th September 2015 – Guerrilla 4

1. Backbeach recording made in Teignmouth, Devon. August 2015. Jumping off the pier, playing, pub atmos, seagulls.
2. A Collage of three pieces of electrical jamming made during 2012 for a film about a mountain. This central piece is a non edited collection of the tracks one on top of the other, which I made the evening of September 3rd. Simple EQ’s and a delay. Stereo stacking. Oh, and a recording I stole from a documentary on Ai Weiwei. He drops a vase on purpose. I’m using the same tactics I used on the film too. If it feels like a good take , it may well be, so keep it and move on to fresh pastures of noise and life.
3. A recording of a Chinese teacup circling a plate played by my son in a restaurant in Queensway, London. Dim sum, lunchtime, usual suspects. My kids are quick to guide me to their new sonic discoveries as they are well aware that papa has an ear for the sounds of life not to be missed.
4. We return to the Backbeach at Teignmouth. More jumping. It was a summer evening, and its fun to walk down to the town through the fields and dogs, for a beer and fish and chips at “The Ship” Inn. The atmosphere is calm, warm, and friendly and the kids can just run around. It certainly reminds me of my summers spent in Kingsand and Cawsand in Cornwall. We’d meet my mum at the yacht club and have a ginger beer or tomato juice after a day winkling and playing under the cliffs on the rocks, getting wet, and fighting.

Compiled August 2015. St Lukes Studio, London Town