Guerrilla 36

15th January 2017 – Guerrilla 36

1. A traditional rolled newspaper along the railings in London Town. This is still such an delicious and slightly wicked treat to do. I’ve a feeling its me instead of one of the smaller rather more intelligent ones.
2. Gate squeeks always fascinate, and this one from Bologna is no exception. A warm October evening with family to see a relative’s new apartment in the old city and this fine gate gave this man a delightful music. Always of course I try to linger a little longer than anyone else and wait for them to go ahead. Nowadays they’re resigned to the fact that I’m constantly recording and wandering off here and there.
3. At last an extract from the Saints day at Villaricos. The Virgin del Carmen. The whole village came out and we followed them from the church through the village and down to the sea, where the virgin was blessed. Rockets are set off from a gentleman who wears a leather hand glove and launches them from time to time as he also follows the crowd. More extracts will appear in later attacks.
4. I made this just before Christmas, and can’t remember how. It’s just a playing around. I love the way the sample droops. I need to find this now as I can really make a new piece from this sound.

PS. It’s a hummingbird.