Guerrilla 35


1st January 2017 – Guerrilla 35

Music in two parts for a film by Huw Morgan for a garden designed by Dan Pearson at Home Farm for Francis Mossman in Northampshire.

This music multi tracks must surely now be lost forever. This was a commission which I loved being part of. Huw was experimenting as a film maker and I was certainly a very naïve computer user. All the live sounds were recorded on the farm and around the gardens with a Sony Professional Walkman. No wind shield though. I bought in Richard Preston to oversee the mix and wine and food control, and we put everything together in a studio in Camden Town. Was it the 90’s I wonder? No, 2001ish says the BBC. I found this master while rummaging through hard drives a month or so ago.

(This Guerrilla replaces one I’ve been preparing ,which for one reason or not isn’t bouncing down to MP3 from Aiff.)

Listening to this recording now, I’m rather pleased with the fault as I can think of no better way to begin a new year than with “Home Farm”. The music now released in the new year after being trapped for at least 15 years or so, if not more.

Roland W30, pianos, drifts, e-bow guitars, percussion, all new sounds, dogs and birds and bees galore.