Guerrilla 38


February 15th 2017 – Guerrilla 38

1.This feels like a trip on LSD.

I’d been in the West End, and walked back towards Baker Street through Marylebone High St. Jazz busker down from the money machine at the Bank. I’m recording as soon as I hear him. The ATM is in tune to the sax. Oh Lord, I need some sushi. There’s a takeaway close by, and I go in. Kids, doors, traffic. I just get the idea to make a trip. Diffuse sound, stretch a little hear and there, backwards, you know the sort of simple stuff I like to get up too.

2. I’m going to Paris by train.The pianist at Kings Cross may have been up all night. I’ve left him clean but cut in to him at the end because in Gare du Nord in Paris I also came across a girl at the free piano playing space Mendellsohn. That’s what it said on the score she had in front of her.

Then we broke down and I spend hours looking out of the window at a field somewhere near Calais. I went to sleep.