Guerrilla 39


March 1st 2017 – Guerrilla 39

1. On the set of “Caravaggio”, a film by Derek Jarman. Memories of Fuller’s earth, early mornings, Jarman and crew and the whole set handbuilt on the wharf where now London City Airport sits in the fog. 1985.
2. London Contemporary Orchestra tune up while we await my first Latitude performance with the LCO musicians. We are sandwiched between the Comedy Tent and Stage 3. A beautifull thing. Lovely weather.
3. Refugees are Welcome here. No Hate, No fear. 2017.
4. A new electronic thing… I like only two sections, but I can certainly make something from this, and expand a few small ideas into a greater, longer more fulfilling piece. Or, It may be nonsense. January 2017.
5. Passport control. Beijing Airport. Feb 2017.
6. A man and his mowing machine and dog duet in Berlin while I’m collecting sounds for “The Invisible Frame”, a film by Cynthia Beatt. 2009.
7. Space breath exercise. Don’t ask. 2016.