Guerrilla 43

May 1st 2017 – Guerrilla 43

1. Whack goes Sergio Garcia.
2. Gen X software. Missing from applications for years now but this was a gift from D Miller of Mute.  Racks of tones to play around with. I used to use them on live performances of BLUE. Now, they’ve gone.
3. Whack goes Sergio Garcia.
4. Gen X part 2, then another winning whack and the track fades to just another sonic sand bunker.
5. Paris. In front of Centre Pompidou, a fine Anti Nuclear Sunday protest. March 2017.
6. School Jazz band processing. Barnes, 2017. Gen X files slip into the mix as does a recording from Marseille where I recorded the sea underneath the concrete building works for the new museum. Empty space.
7. Final slowed down Gen X piece with extra indoor tennis to give the sound some space to live in and get those serves in.