Guerrilla 53

October 1st 2017 – Guerrilla 53

1. Beijing 2017. Late night atmosphere. Edirol stuck outside my room window. Birds, traffic, horns. Traffic. Noise keeps up all night and day.
2. Short Bass tone rhythm. London 2017.
3. Looped but changing simple Samples. Not a clue what it’s made from, but it’s new. Late night headphone mix. London 2017.
4. Same track, but different and longer. Additional track punched in/out. Another late night headphone mix. London 2017
5. A continuation, now incorporating a marx special keyboard part, and still London 2017.

All of these new pieces are deliberately undeveloped and simple. It might be fun to edit all together one day, but then again, perhaps not. Help yourself if you feel so inclined.

Still peacefulness.