Guerrilla 54

October 15th 2017 – Guerrilla 54

1. Cassini final mission end. Off the net.
2. Marker being hammered into front garden of The Serpentine Gallery. Preparation for building The Frank Gehry Summer Pavilion. 2008.
3. Something spacey I made for “Kubrick Boxes”. A documentary about the mysterious piles of unlabelled film stock in his home.
4. Flamenco, recorded on my iPhone in Madrid earlier this year. I’ve no idea if its good, or bad, but I like it.
5. Extract from a concert I made with Black Sifichi.
6. BLUE, by Derek Jarman. This is recorded in a small church on the banks of the River Danube. A fine music festival at Krems, by the city of Donau. Austria.