Guerrilla 60

January 15th 2018 – Guerrilla 60

1. Recording from INDIA. A TRAIN station announcer with station atmosphere + some squelchy samples of a very famous rock band + PIANO with low bass. T h e n,
2. WAR makes mass murderers collage.
3. And NOW,  A rather odd little playtune. It sounds as it’s made with something I’m not familiar with. Perhaps.
4. AND… STILL, oh yes. I had an operation, and this is my stomach gurgling. I’m not sure if it’s as interesting as I thought it would be. It’s two tracks recorded under DUVET conditions. A VERY recent OP. Quiet then noisy. sometimes it sounds like soft rain. Finish with long ago IFT singing in a sweet childlikeway only small people do. Uninhibited and made in Agua Amarga, which is a small Spanish town. Seaside.

She must be about 5, I think . Now she’s a teenager and doesn’t free style like this anymore

Into our third year, I believe, as a guerrilla.