Guerrilla 105

December 1st 2019 – Guerrilla 105

1. Heathrow Airport. Terminal 3. Heading for the tube back to London town.
2. Claudine Coule. Solo recording for FOUND. Recording of couple found in Brixton on old answering machine. Mid 80s.This was one side of a 7” single on white vinyl.
3. Three recordings off the internet of BLOODHOUND. The car is practising in South Africa to attempt a new land speed record next year.
4. BAGGINS. My mother’s pug recorded this summer in Teighnmouth in July in the kitchen of my brother’s house. He now lives in the new forest after my mum died and he’s found a fine new home with another friendly dog.
5. EXTRACT of recording session with Martin Baker, Organist at Westminster Cathedral, London.