Guerrilla 106

December 15th 2019 – Guerrilla 106

1. IONISATION SMOKE ALARM. Battery dying, October 2019. Why are smoke detectors so difficult to prise off the ceiling. Almost impossible to reach.
2. Piano recorded at John Berger’s house in a Paris suburb, and then played on a small sampling keyboard .
3.Soft Fun???. A gentle something, home made and wandering here and there and seemingly made from chimes and drifts. Not a clue what this was for either. I hear a voice!  An extract from “Whattheheckisit inc”. Rather too many delays, but it does move around and is probably going somewhere.
4. Dawlish. Devon. This was recorded this summer, generators and all. Dogs. A walk from the green down to the sea, past the fête on the lawns and into the slot machine arcade. I waited underneath the rail tracks for the train from Exeter to pass over head. That’s what I was actually after, since I spotted the space for me to record on a drive back from the second hand furniture shop.

There is a very good old fashioned sweet shop in Dawlish; pear drops, apple sours, and liquorice stuffed with coloured crystals.