Guerrilla 109

February 1st 2020 – Guerrilla 109

Two sound pieces slightly altered here and there.
Sounds shot in Sydney and Singapore, 2020.

1.A Harbour walk in Sydney. Buskers, life, the quayside, and then the squeaky shoe lady I followed. Tram station. An entrance to a nearby building site. So these are all life recordings but I’m also playing the same sounds on a small two octave keyboard, and messing around with loops, and thoroughbred frequency shifting reverbs. The sound truth and the manipulated. Keep it safe.
2. My cousin lives below a flight path in a Sydney suburb. She lives with these planes all day long. The glorious sound of a plane ticket printout at Singapore Airport with a small terrier dog recorded in Bondi Beach inserted to bring a little life into a rather dull airport gate situation. Four digital full stops.

The end.