Guerrilla 118

June 15th 2020 – Guerrilla 118

1. Once upon a time. A relaxing Leviathan. 11 years old. How I love this software. When it’s right, it’s perfection. Recorded one afternoon while the kids were at school in January 2009.
2. Very nice Tshirt. Kyoto, 2015.
3. Lockdown Blues. Recorded this May, and includes kitchen percussion played by Jasper and I for TV commercial which was never used.
4. Fat fingered. Nasa ISS, 2020.
5. Sounds from Berlin processed. The Invisible Frame, a film by Cyntha Beatt.
6. Stretch X 50 of something I can’t remember.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Stay well.
I’m as scared as you.