Guerrilla 126

October 15th 2020 – Guerrilla 126

1. Someelectronicpulse1.
2. Walking up the 131 steps of the Tower at St Mary-at- Lamberth Church (The Garden Museum) to see Derek Jarman’s exhibition about Prospect Cottage.
3. Roof top recording of the iron floor I am standing on after climbing the 131 steps to the roof. I use two silver rings to scrape and make small noises.
4. Down again, and it’s not so exhausting. There are police helicopters all the way through the first 5 sections of this GA126. I don’t mind this. Helicopters are part of my life. I hear them day and night.
5. Extinction Rebellion protest outside Westminster. Ladies had chained themselves to the railing using bicycle locks around their necks. They wore black trousers but nothing else. I was recording and this extract is of us being asked to move along into the square by a policeman as foreign reporters jostled for a picture.
6. Westminster Tube sound details of escalators going down after visiting the Jarman Exhibition, and seing the protest outside Parliament.
7. Somemoreelctronicpulse2.

Be well and kind.