Guerrilla 125

October 1st 2020 – Guerrilla 125

Swallows nesting in my younger brother’s Barn, or outhouse in Devon. There are chicks in the nest – two nests in fact. Outside two tilers are re/making the roof of an old barn which doesn’t belong to my brother. It’s time for lunch, but they’re working through. Banging, driller, chatting away. The parents of the chicks fly in and out of the nests undisturbed, presumably, with worms and grubs. Much fluttering and noises. The chicks sometimes sound like dolphins and wind up toys from time to time, but I only discovered this when I listened back a few days later.

I left the Edirol (now discontinued by Roland) on a beam near a nest. I walked away and left life to get on undisturbed. Lunchtime for all.