Guerrilla 139

May 1st 2021 – Guerrilla 139

2021. London. Still in London.

1. Radio recorded in Vidouse, Haute Pyrenees.
2. New loop. Resampled and played on M-Audio Keystation mini 32 mk3. April 8th 2021, London. Needs a drummer. Good idea to keep in mind.
3. Izzy mouth noise. Recorded March 2021.
4. Snippet of french radio pass.
5. Aston Martin cars recorded off TV set. F1 pace car.
6. Another snippet of Radio France.
7. New Loop two. It works in my head.
8. Izzy mouth final blow.
9. Slowed down experinment with synths I’ve never used or played, or listened too.
10. Road drill. London, March 2021. I can’t remember where.
Lockdown fatigue, but don’t tell anyone.
11. Shopping in Finchley Road Homebase.