Guerrilla 144

July 15th 2021 – Guerrilla 144

1. Cricket shoes. Great Rissington, June 2021.
2. Drip master. Full version. Made from a short drip recorded outside the old Island Records Studio, Basing St Studio, London W11, and a whipping sound made from a lead which connects the mac to the small Bose speakers. Be a kid, and whiz it around above your head without hitting the ceiling or smashing the lights. June 2021. Made at home.
3. A short walk through Richards Wood, Great Rissington. I have since extracted a few small sections and made a new piece from those. This is just a carefree walk with a few whipping sounds and the odd branch crack.
4. Smoking corner outside Uplink Café and Cinema in Shibuya, Tokyo. A few years ago now.

Stay safe and well.