Guerrilla 145

August 1st 2021 – Guerrilla 145

1. A police siren or two flash past in the distance and skateboarders skim the pavements. The motorway hum is deadened by the summer leaves.
2. I’m listening to this new compilation and I’m lost.
3. Open the windows and include the exterior sounds.
4. You don’t have to play this loud. I don’t really want to explain what this first piece is made from, but I can say “Ati “ is the little girl singing and I recorded this in Vidouse in France, and her toy top is the spinning top you might hear. These sounds were recorded over 25 years ago.
5. A slow gentle start. This is a new synthetic jam. I’ve no idea what the software is, but I’m not unhappy about that. It’s a one-pass pass.

Stay safe and well.