Guerrilla 151

November 1st 2021 – Guerrilla 151

1. This is made from a recording my friend Charles Radtke sent me. He’s a cabinet maker and the sound he sent is a Yates American Y30 Bandsaw. He recorded it on his iphone and I really love it. The original recording comes up at 13.54 ish. So this slow start using his recording is me messing around on a small keyboard and it’s a cool string sounding thing now. Making it as I go along as ever.
2. Bang, Bang bang, Bang. This is self explanatory I think.
3. Just a little sound journey.
4. Here is the glorious bandsaw.
5. A backwards quieter version of the beginning of the first piece. The circle of the sound unwinding as Derek said about film, and that’s all folks.

Stay calm, safe and buckle up. The ride is not over.