Guerrilla 155

January 1st 2022 – Guerrilla Audio 155

1. Formula 1 fans in an Indian café. December 2021. You tube recording. Max overtakes Hamilton on final lap. Strange.
2. Solo piano. Sft playing the piano, recorded on my Edirol on the side of Steinway piano. Propped up inside professional-like not. Paris Dec 1st 2021. I hear the voice of Rainier Lericolias.
3. Atmospheres from Pinault Collection. December 2nd. 2021. Main hall. X 3. Rough octaves and real time. The original recording is about 4 minutes long. I have tampered a little. Steve Nieve held the fort and dropped the keys. I just kept my mouth shut and walked in circles apart from UMEXHIBITION. Stairs/octave stairs/back and forth/ Its good on headphones perhaps.
4. Same piano recording but different loops and octaves. I think I like exploring a simple sound source. Live on the kitchen table. 13th December 2021. Night.
5. I’m afraid it’s still the same piano recording but a different idea. It was a beautiful piano to play – a Steinway B, and as I arrived early when they were miking it up carefully but I went ahead, dropped my coat and played for as long as possible before the other musicians arrived.

Mask up please.