Guerrilla 72

July 15th 2018 – Guerrilla 72

A Bass Clarinet solo played by Sarah Scutt, which I then somehow turned into this drift.

With overdub extracts of a recording by Vitor Joaquim of a street seller, some very brutalised railings from Berlin, “Come to the Circus”, sung by IVFT when she was a very small lady, A recording of the Hawaiian volcano this last month shot from a helicopter, so in fact all you hear is the helicopter. Some new recordings of The Narwhal, (Monodon monoceros) which I recorded a few weeks ago, from a National Geographic Trailer. A TFL London Transport Underground train between Bond St and Baker St. I lost my furry mic hat as I had the recorder pointing out of the window between carriages, and it was sucked from me. The thrill and dangers of recording life never abate, do they.

This Guerrilla was compiled between 9.30 am and 10.35 am on 4th July 2018 using Ableton Live software, which I still find is always an adventurous playground I’ve yet to find my way around. Be well and stay calm and warm.