Guerrilla 93

June 1st 2019 – Guerrilla 93

1. A musician busking to raise money for his ill wife. High St. Kensington May 11th BUT, it’s being processed by Forester by leafcutter john. This free software hasn’t worked on my mac for probably 10 years. It is now. LLL. Small sections of backing tracks for the LLL LP/including Isabella baby breath, zebra crossing in Singapore. Piano in Harrods and voice, boys in Piccadilly Circus. Plucked toy and radiator from Vidouse, Izzy voice processed, Berlin sounds, another piano, unidentified things. NOISEything. Another piano OK? Quick edits. Snippets.and more piano. Voice.

2. Clap, fuzzy stuff. Freeze, fback. Headphones help. Loops.

THREE. New piece made in one pass of course. Deep bass. Skittering noises. Not a clue what it is.

4. Original Busker recording taken on iphone using Voice Record Pro. I’m in a doorway facing the traffic and he is near the bus stop. Heavy lorries and traffic but he played beautifully.

FIVE. Second part of New piece. It’s a sploot.

Certainly not electronics – I don’t have a synth, so its just life, but not as we hear it. Lots of ValhallaFreqEcho FX. Good for confusing the woofers. Lots of Forester software again too.

6. Ending with more processed sax player from the high st. Thanks to leafcutter’s very random Forester. It has got a mind of its own but I move it around. It was such a great tool for films years ago. It is odd that it’s suddenly working again too. Totally genius, Mr. Cutter.