An Epiphany Unearthed

Jon Wozencroft writes: “Came across this text whilst we were preparing a display of adverts made for The Wire. It was commissioned by Rob Young/Chris Bohn for the magazine’s Epiphanies column (at the back of the magazine) in March 2001. The text was a tiny bit too long so an important section got chopped.

Amazingly, I eventually met the man who had been sitting next to me, Duncan Haysom. We met up in Waterloo in the August of 2007 following an internet quest of dedicated JD fans. The master recording of Joy Division’s ULU concert became the bonus disc for the reissue of Closer by Warner Bros in November that year. There is thus a strange intertwining between this account and the outcomes of the two films, Control and Joy Division, six and seven years later, ie. 29 years after the fact.”

Text: Jon Wozencroft.

Couverture: J-F JAMOUL